A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My entry for GMTK 2019. 

You're an astronaut, suddenly the alarms start howling and you can see outside. You gravitational suit activates and greets you with a message. Your tasks is to get back to earth using your special suit. This suit only is affect by the gravity you control and it gets its power from matter surrounding it.

Only one force affects you.

The controls are explained through the dialogues, however you can always find them back in the pause menu (start or esc). The game also has controller support, this is however only test on windows with the Xbox one controller.

Although it wasnt a rule, I made all assets during the jam, from music, to art.

PS: If you used a untested controller/system, do people a favour and post a comment on whether or not your system or controller worked. Thanks :D!

The linux file was hidden because it is broken.


Windows.zip 64 MB
Mac.zip 82 MB

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